We will accompany you from start to finish in helping to solve any problem.


All our team is made up of a group of recognized professionals.


Our personalized attention, frequent visits and wide experience guarantee the best results.



We manage and represent any request from public administration at a bureaucratic-legal level and fulfil all necessary administrative procedures before these bodies.

  • Vehicle registration (domestic and foreign)
  • Transfer or change of ownership
  • Notifications sale
  • Deregister Vehicle
  • Exchange foreign driving licenses
  • Duplicates of driving licenses and traffic
  • Traffic Reports
  • Hunting and fishing licenses
  • Provision of services to the community
  • Call of ordinary and extraordinary meetings
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Annual accounts, budgets, fees calculations owners
  • Technical projects
  • Measurement of land and farms
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Register the company in the Social Security
  • Guestbook
  • Staff registration book
  • Book filled in Alicante
  • Mutual Association
  • Independent register and deregister
  • Register and deregister of workers in social security
  • Employment contracts
  • Preparation of payroll and social security
  • Layoffs, receipts settlement, company certificate.
  • Acts of reconciliation
  • Labor inspectorates
  • Certificates
  • Temporary disability benefits, maternity, dependent children, etc.
  • Pensions: disability, widowhood, orphanhood
  • Retirements


We are advisors for both large companies and SMEs and the self-employed and professionals. We cover tax, employment, accounting, legal and business consulting areas and offer personalized attention.

  • Business creation
  • Preparation of all taxes
  • Fiscal Representation Companies
  • Representation of non-residents obtaining CIF, NIE and residence permits.
  • NIE and residence permits
  • Capital gains of non-residents
  • Capital gains of non-residents
  • Non-resident tax
  • Licensed establishments opening
  • Representation at SUMA
  • Register in Hacienda
  • Notaries representation
  • Presentation of writings in the commercial register
  • Presentation of deeds in the land registry
  • Capital appreciation
  • Certificates of occupancy
  • Obtaining and legalization of books of minutes and partners
  • Rental contract
  • High or ownership changes in health, tourism
  • Hacienda inspections
  • Accounting process
  • Mechanization of companies
  • Accounting advice
  • Making official books: Diary notes, balances, records and received invoices, account statements.
  • Legalization of official books: Diary notes, balances.
  • Analysis and diagnosis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Valencian regional government, state or European subsidies


We offer both parties in dispute, the opportunity to resolve their differences, obtaining a valid result for any of the parties concerned without having to go to court.

  • Assist in the education of the parties.
  • Develop trading strategies.
  • To assist the parties to speak persuasively.
  • Develop a range of creative solutions.
  • Assist the parties to identify the conflict.
  • Help you keep the tone of dialogue.
  • It allows parties to identify and communicate their interests clearly.
  • Assists in the development of creative solutions.
  • Development aid trading strategies


We are competent in the areas of employment law, social benefits, social security, pensions and human resources, in both an advisory role and in handling contentious matters.

  • Drafting of contracts (property leasing, management)
  • Inheritances and testaments
  • Mortgage and real estate law
  • Conflicts in communities owners
  • Litigation against builders or promoters
  • Claim compensation
  • Breach of agreements
  • Constitution, dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies
  • Constitution, dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies
  • Bankruptcy
  • Supply commercial contracts, performance of work or services, etc.
  • Banking and insurance relations
  • Debt recovery
  • Advice on criminal responsibility for legal persons (companies, associations, etc.)
  • Layoffs
  • Sanctions
  • Wage Claim
  • Records of employment regulation (ERE)
  • Functional and geographical mobility
  • Changing working conditions
  • Company mergers and successions
  • Collective conflicts
  • Accidents and occupational disease
  • Disabilities
  • Social security benefits
  • Inspection of labor and social security
  • Advice, coordination and conduct of administrative proceedings before public bodies.
  • Property damage liability claims Administration.
  • Formulation of administrative resources and administrative economic claims.
  • Processing and defense of disciplinary procedures.


We act as intermediaries between the complex law of supply and demand for insurance companies and policyholders. Our knowledge will provide our customers with the best cover and prices for their vehicles or properties.

  • We know the complex world of supply and demand
  • We represent our client with the insurance
  • Impartial and independent services
  • We select the most effective solutions
  • We help you hire the best for you include in your policy
  • Guaranteed savings
  • We manage anywhere, incident or processing


With a proven track record as consultants, coupled with thorough knowledge of the economic and business sector of the region in which it operates, Salvador Sendra hinges efficiency and professionalism in the real estate area.

  • Find land to build their homes.
  • Technical supervision of the plot.
  • Conducting legal and tax procedures to make the purchase.
  • Advice on investment financing.
  • Selection of professional equipment for the design, construction and maintenance of your home.
  • Register supplies and periodic tax payments management.
  • Insurance contracts to protect their property.
  • Rental management for performance when the house is not occupied.
  • Management of the sale of your home and formalization of the corresponding procedures.


We know how complicated it can be to carry out procedures from abroad or for non-residents. We are committed to helping you.

  • Processing of all types of residence

  • Residence for social, work, family roots

  • Residence for children born and unborn in Spain

  • Family reunification

  • Change of address

  • Residence for relatives of EU citizens

  • Residency Renewals

  • Nationality

  • NIE Assignment

  • Investor residence (GOLDEN VISA)