Welcome to Salvador Sendra Advisors

Our consultancy was born in 1987 by the hand of its founder Salvador Sendra, motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit. Salvador Sendra observed the emptiness in the offer of the Marina Alta and decided to lend all his knowledge to form what is now our Advisory in Teulada.

Throughout all these years we have improved our services to become a benchmark in the sector. After more than 25 years of experience we have characterized ourselves by a serious, fast and close service. 

We are a team of professionals who help large corporations, SMEs and the self-employed to achieve their business goals . We offer comprehensive advisory and management services.

For us it is important to be near you, to be your trusted administrative agency. We take care of all the obligations in accounting, tax, financial, labor, insurance and commercial legal matters.

We will be  happy to advise  you on all the procedures you need to carry out.  Now from our new offices at Avenida Santa Catalina 62, Teulada (Alicante) we continue to offer all our services professionally from much more modern facilities , more comfortable, more efficient and respectful with the environment.

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